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October 2018

Monday - Friday



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

​LLLT / PBM in Hong Kong   

Hydrogen (Water & Hydrogen Gas inhalation)  

11:15 am  - 3:05 pm

$ 500

$ 550

$ 600

  4:10 pm  - 8:00 pm

$ 550

$ 600





Native English Tutor

Times & Prices

About Chris

Awaiting schedule:   Xioliang x2, Tommy (300)

CSSA students    - 50% discount

Students receiving assistance from the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA) can enjoy special lesson rate of ½ of the regular lesson price

Birthday Special  - 50% discount

A lesson on your birthday, you may enjoy a 50% discount. Simply show your HK ID card or birth certificate


Payment Methods

Payments may be made, by cash or account transfer. Cash, at the classroom.  Cheque or Bank Transfer to Bank of China Mr Christopher Alexander Rose   # 012 595 1 0114244   Please email a copy of the receipt for confirmation



More than 48 hours in advance notice no charge, less than 48 hours 50% charge, same day 100% is charged


Termination of Lessons

50% of remaining lesson credit will be refunded


Severe Weather

50% of the lesson fee will be credited to future lessons or refunded upon request



Teacher lateness, should I be late, your choice of extending the lesson or a refund to the value of the time missed.  Student lateness, the lesson starts and finishes from the time booked


Lesson Credits

Lessons which have been paid for, but then rescheduled or postponed must be used within 3 months, else considered forfeited

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